HELLO!  My name is Alicia Severson.  I am an artist living in beautiful Central Oregon.  By day I am an art director for a lovely wholesale greeting card company.  And by night I am doing whatever I'm feeling passionate about, documenting it, then putting it up on YouTube and the web for you guys to enjoy.


How did I get into doing videos?

I've always been obsessed with videos.  As a child I was NOT camera shy, whenever my parents would press that record button I would instantly need to be the center of attention and show off (I was obnoxious lol).  This led to me creating my own homemade videos with my Barbies and teddy bears, even venturing into some stop motion animation.  In high school a good friend and I won 2nd place in a Houston wide film contest.  I also created some fancier than normal film projects for a few classes, but I never really thought much about doing anything with my love of editing and filming...... until now!


Why "art, beauty, lifestyle, adventure"?


I feel like these four words encompass everything I love and everything I want my YouTube channel to be about.  Let's break it down.  Art: I have a BFA in Illustration, and I specialize in watercolors, acrylic and for subject matter, food.  After college, my first job was teaching painting classes at one of those paint-and-drink business.  Beauty: I modeled throughout college to make some extra bucks and I LOVED it.  Fashion was always something I was interested in, and I was disappointed to find that my small college had cut all fashion art related courses.  Modeling was a way for me to get my fashion fix and learn about the industry.  I think fashion and makeup go hand in hand too.  Lifestyle: I like to teach myself how to do new things.  This has led me to have a wide variety of random talents and interests like making fancy friendship bracelets, cooking, baking, pumpkin carving, dancing, sewing, having an aquarium etc.  Adventure: Living in Central Oregon I am surrounded by beautiful inspiring nature year round.  It offers endless opportunities for new adventures.  I love hiking, skiing, kayaking, traveling, and anyway I can explore.  I'm going to buy my first motorcycle super soon too!  Music is also a huge part of my life and I love going to concerts (even alone lol!).

Also... Star Wars, burritos, a giant bat tattoo, bass drops, beer, Maynard James Keenan, puzzles, and candles :)  That's moi folks!

© 2017 Alicia Severson